Privacy Policy


Here's an overview of what information we have, why we have it and what we do with it. 

What information do we store?

We only hold the minimum amount of information for you. If you place an order with us, we will store the following; email address, billing address, delivery address telephone number (if provided)

Why do we store it?

We hold a copy of each transaction on our website in case we need to be audited and for our accounting purposes. 

Where is it stored?

We only hold electronic copies of data. These are stored on a password protected website and only accessed from password protected devices, all of which have anti-virus software installed. 

What we do with our data.

Our data is simply stored for reference only. We don't use your data for marketing purposes and we will never sell or pass on your information. If an email address or phone number are provided, these may be printed on the delivery label to ensure the safe delivery of your order.