About Us

After growing frustrated with the price of children’s books, we looked for a way to make reading more affordable for children all over the UK. Originating in Derbyshire, the first Bookworm had to turn down events due to the diary being full, and so more Bookworms were needed! Now Bookworms have spread throughout the UK.

So how does it work? When a book goes to press, there is a minimum print requirement and publishers need to forecast how many they will sell to retailers. The RRP ensures that the publisher doesn’t lose out when they are unable to sell all of the books printed. So what happens to them?
It’s simple! We make them available to you at a fixed, low price! By doing so, not only do we make beloved books affordable to all children, but we’re also doing our bit to ensure these popular titles are not destroyed.

You can order any of the books we have online by contacting your local Bookworm and arranging local collection/delivery or you can order online with their unique discount code to reduce the price of all of our books to just £2.50.

You'll also be able to visit a pop up book shop at various locations - found via the Events section on our website, or by clicking this link - https://www.bookwormsonline.co.uk/events